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About Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) was established in 1955, and is directly administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and co-built by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). It is one of the first “Project 211”universities, and is included in “Project 985 Innovation Platform for Superior Discipline”.

BUPT is a multidisciplinary and research-oriented university which focuses more on engineering and sciences, values the coordinated development of management, humanities and sciences, and has special strength in information technology. It has become an important talent base for China’s information technology industry.

After over six decades of construction and development, BUPT has gained a strong academic background in information technology as well as an edge in disciplines featuring IT.There are currently 19 academic units in BUPT: School of Information and Communication Engineering, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Computer Science and so on. Besides, there are 3 research institutes. Two disciplines of BUPT, namely “Information and Communication Engineering” and “Computer Science and Technology” were included in China’s “double first-class” discipline list. According to results released by the Ministry of Education in the Fourth Round National Evaluation of Disciplinary Development in Universities, BUPT’s “Information and Communication Engineering (ICE)”, “Computer Science and Technology” and “Electronic Science and Technology” were evaluated as or above A Class, and ICE was evaluated as A+ Class.

In 2016, professors at BUPT participated as core members in the project “Key Technologies in 4G Mobile Communication System and Applications”, and won Special National Award for Science and Technology Progress. In the national discipline evaluation organized by the MOE in 2012, our Information and Communication Engineering ranked 1st nationwide. According to US News rankings for the world’s top universities in Computer Science in 2017, BUPT ranked 40th worldwide. The employment rate of graduate students is 100%, and that of undergraduate students is above 99%.

BUPT attaches great importance to the exchanges and cooperation with other higher education institutions both at home and abroad and has established inter-university academic exchange programs with over 70 universities from 40 countries and regions.

BUPT has also cooperated successfully with many world-renowned enterprises in telecommunications to create a better environment for students to develop their modern and international consciousness. Undergraduates at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications study for four years. Graduate students (Master’s Degree) study for two to three years. Graduate students (Doctor’s Degree) study for four years. Visiting students and research scholars generally stay for half a year or one year.

One academic year includes a spring semester and autumn semester. The autumn semester begins the new academic year, generally from September until January of the following year. The spring semester is usually from February to July. There are two long holidays every academic year, summer holiday and winter holiday. The summer holiday is usually during July and August and lasts about 5 weeks, and the school will arrange summer holiday courses. The winter holiday lasts for 4 weeks and is during January and February.

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